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Vintage fashion is secondhand clothing, but it is also from an era of the past. Vintage clothing stores specialize in selling good-quality secondhand items. Shopping in vintage clothing shops is a great way to find a bargain and a one-of-a-kind vintage item.

  1. History

    • The history of vintage clothing depends on what you are looking for. Vintage means clothing from an era of the past, which can be 20 years old to 70 years old; older clothes are often classed as antique. Vintage shopping has recently become much more popular with the trend of celebrities wearing vintage items, striving for uniqueness and an eco-friendly way to shop. Each vintage garment has a story to tell, and the store itself may emphasize items worn by notable celebrities.


    • Vintage clothing has become ever more popular alongside the increased awareness in environmental issues and sustainability of all products, including clothing and footwear. Not only this, but vintage clothing allows people to find unique items of clothing otherwise unavailable, often at reduced prices, depending on the quality of the item. As trends from the past come back into fashion, original clothes from the era are also in more demand.


    • Much of the appeal of buying vintage lies in the fact that it is a great way to recycle. When you buy vintage clothing, there is a smaller carbon footprint due to the fact that fewer resources go into their sale and production because they are secondhand. On top of this, when clothing is thrown away instead of reused, there may be chemicals and dyes that leach into landfills. By reusing clothes, you are going one step toward becoming more eco-friendly.


    • Past eras sometimes used better-quality materials and techniques. Vintage clothing may be used, but it may still be of high quality, and most vintage fashion stores will not sell poor-quality items. Often, when you buy vintage, this quality will be at a lower price.
      Secondhand thrift stores often work as charities, meaning your money goes to a good cause.


    • When buying vintage, it takes some time and practice to know what to look out for. To find the best bargains, you need to learn to identify certain brands and the age of the item. Often buying vintage means bringing a tape measure and ignoring size labeling, which has changed through the decades. Also learn to look for certain features of different eras, such as the fact that Velcro was not popularized in clothing until the 1960s, or that Levis jeans were made before 1971 if the label is in capital letters, "LEVI."

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